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Refrigeration Monitoring

Monitor, Engage & Record

Did you know that open doors in a Chill room can cost you approx. £2.50 per hour?

Chill rooms usually maintain a temperature somewhere between 0ºC and +8ºC. Freezer rooms typically operate from -18ºC down to -23ºC, Mercury Security & Facilities Management have the capacity to remotely monitor chill room doors, lighting and defrost controls.

The cost of an open door on a Freezer is approx. £6.00 per hour!

The cost to implement good housekeeping and door management costs very little with a Mercury Remotely Monitored Solution.

Choosing the right System for your business

We offer a range of wireless monitoring systems covering every business sector, so whether you are monitoring the energy used by a single piece of machinery or your temperature within distribution centres or factories- we have a system for you.

We have technical advisors on hand to discuss your requirement and can offer free site surveys, NACOSS Gold installation and NSI Gold Remote Monitoring services.

If your fridges and freezers dropped their temperature at your Regional Distribution Centre and are not detected immediately and dealt with you most likely will lose thousands of pounds.

Our Monitoring system will send an alarm out to the Mercury NSI Gold Command & Control Monitoring Centre and notify our operators when the temperature of a refrigerator or freezer fluctuates out of a given range. Our operators can then action this accordingly and escalate the temperature fluctuation to your maintenance team and key-holders alerting them to the issue.

This solution can offer your business peace of mind 24/7 x 365 days per year.

This solution is ideal for freezers, fridges, laboratories, refrigerated vans, pharmacies, health clinics, retail & food stores.

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