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CCTV Remote Monitoring

by Mercury Security & Facilities Management


Many businesses in the UK and Ireland are affected by crime each year, costing billions of pounds.

CCTV is a powerful tool to help fight against this crime and a Remotely Monitored CCTV system is even more powerful.

Our NSI Gold  Command and Control Monitoring Centre will remotely monitor your premises 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

CCTV Remote Monitoring will ensure appropriate Police response to alarm activations and appropriate evidence will be provided due to visual confirmation of intrusions.

Our fully trained Command and Control operatives will monitor your location; engage live with intruders through audio systems and record events for the Police, insurance and courts. Our Remote CCTV Monitoring solution not only reacts during an intrusion but also helps to prevent further intrusion or damage to your business or premises.

Why Mercury Security & Facilities Management?

We have invested in the latest technology to provide one of the highest quality real time CCTV monitoring solutions across the UK and Ireland.

Our NSI Gold Command and Control Monitoring Centre and its operating procedures supports all CCTV platforms in general use throughout the UK and Ireland in both the Public and Private sectors organisations.

All video and audio data is of the highest quality and is recorded by our Cisco-based infrastructure at levels which are accepted for both insurance and evidential purposes.

The Mercury Remote CCTV Monitoring package ensures that your system is 100% healthy. It produces high-quality images which are useful for providing evidence in court.

Our technology along with our cloud based infrastructure ensures you receive the most cost effective solution for your requirements. Our CCTV monitoring platforms offer unlimited opportunities and are designed to drive down the cost of monitoring your CCTV systems across multiple locations whilst increasing the effectiveness and response times of our security teams.

Bespoke CCTV Remote Monitoring Solution

We will survey your premises, consult with you, design and install a CCTV system that is fit for purpose and complies with the UK, European and International Standards. We will look at your needs and ensure that you have a system that is not over the specification and is within your budget.

Working with us will ensure that your CCTV system and its images meet all the legal and evidential requirements whether it is for residential or commercial use.

A Lower Cost Security Solution

The Mercury Security CCTV Remote Monitoring solution can in some cases reduce or eliminate the need for Manned Guards. This in turn can reduce your costs whilst providing an equal or higher level of security to you.

Our highly trained and professional NSI Gold Command and Control Monitoring operatives have the ability to interact with intruders via video and audio technology prior to their entry to the premises or before a crime is committed.

This interaction alone can reduce the repair, insurance and emotional costs of an intrusion for business premises by preventing crime rather than simply recording video to support prosecution.

Protecting Insurance Cover and Police Response

The visual confirmation of an intrusion or other activity increases the likelihood of a Police response and serves to protect insurance cover which may otherwise be declined due to a history of unconfirmed and false alarms.

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