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Access Control

by Mercury Security & Facilities Management

A structured and integrated security risk management plan is essential for all buildings that require an access control system where there are multiple uses or occupancy.

Modern technology has allowed manufacturers of access control systems to constantly push the boundaries and produce products with an ever increasing number of technical and innovative features.

Whilst such technology should be embraced, care must be taken to ensure that these new technologies and applications are suitable for the intended use, compatible with existing technologies, practical, effective and, where required, aesthetically in tune with your building.

Standards and codes of practice also play an ever important role in ensuring that products installed meet the exact requirements and operational needs of each individual application which is based on the risk assessment carried out by our specialist technical team who ensure the correct grading of the system is applied.

The grade applies to the protected area and not the overall system, therefore, mixed grades may be utilised within any premises.


An access control system is an effective form of security and its benefits include:

• An important and integral part of an overall electronic security system

• Enhanced layers of security of employees, buildings and assets

• Ability to integrate and work in tandem with other in-house security measures

• Reduction in the overall cost of managing security


Mercury Security & Facilities Management have the knowledge, experience and qualifications to provide access control systems and understand how and when to effectively control or restrict access. An effective and professionally installed access control system should be part of your management plan.

Mercury Security & Facilities Management’s IT department will also provide support in ensuring a scalable solution with great capacity to integrate with other security systems, CCTV systems and building management systems to help you prepare for potential business growth and approaching technology challenges.

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